The Photo Gallery

eddy kay

The Late Bill Collings

My Collings Mandolin

My Collings Tailpiece

Rosta Capek in his workshop

Rosta Capek, Master Luthier

Rosta Capek and me in Detroit

Steve Kaufman, Rosta, Me, Iva Lukova, in Prague

My Capek Mandola

Kenny Luger, Bass

Banjos are fun!

Joey K., Producer

The Three Tenors

Mandolin Virtuoso

Radim Zenkl

Mr. Banjo

Gary 'Biscut' Davis

Rob Giesler


Guitarist Rich Jacobs

Pam Jones Sings Soldier Boys

Sherry Lynn And Her Mountain Friends

Guess Who



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My Capek Mandola

Playing With Myself

eddy kay

Eddy's Tool House

You Should Have Been There